Sex Therapy

Often times many individuals experience concerns, questions, or difficulties regarding their sexual health. Sex and intimacy therapy covers a broad range of topics covering a vast area of counseling. Topics range from:

  • Sexual assault and trauma,    
  • Sexual Dysfunctions (ex. Vaginismus, or Dyspareunia, Erectile Dysfunction, Pre-mature ejaculation, etc), 
  • Gender Dysphoria 
  • Cheating and Affairs
  • Porn and sex addiction (or other out of control sexual behaviours)
  • Increasing sex and intimacy in people’s lives. 
  • Increasing understanding and acceptance of individual desires, kinks, and turn-ons
  • Talking about sex in a positive, judgement free, Safe place. 
  • Sexual shame or guilt; feelings of inadequacy. 

Sex therapy offers a safe, respectful, and sex positive environment to learn tools and skills necessary to talk about desires, fantasies, intimacy and sex in an effective manner within your relationships. Sex therapy also offers an exciting chance for couples to explore intimacy and sex in the relationship and to develop new ways of enhancing desire and pleasure to develop satisfying sex lives. As we all know, passions can fade over time in relationships, especially with the inclusion of other demands such as careers or families! This also includes overcoming previous negative experiences to re-discover your own positive and healthy sexual identity. 

We believe that everyone deserves to have great sex, a healthy and positive sexual identity, and intact and strong sexual health. Evolution Psychology is committed to the health and well-being of its clients, in all aspects of their lives, including sexual health. We offer a positive, safe, judgement free space, and specialized cocounseling to help all individuals in this area.